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3D printed mold relieves the difficulty of emergency digital infrared thermometer production

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Update time : 2020-04-06 11:49:00

As of the end of March, the domestic epidemic situation gradually improved and basically controlled, but the overseas epidemic situation gradually broke out. As of March 23, the number of overseas diagnoses was as high as more than 240,000. In response to international requests for assistance, China has launched an international assistance program of "one province saves one country". A large number of medical care expert groups bring materials to support countries, and the demand for international epidemic prevention and control has skyrocketed. Stimulated by the huge demand, the market demand for rapid temperature measurement of infrared thermometers has grown rapidly, and the supply of international thermal thermometers has not been supplied enough.

Previously, the market for digital infrared thermometer was basically saturated. With the gradual control of the domestic epidemic, many temporary large-scale factories that transformed production materials during the wartime gradually resumed normal production. Domestic manufacturers were insufficient, and the supply speed was limited. So, how to improve the
mold from the manufacturing source of the fdigital infrared thermometern, and shorten the molding cycle of injection products is particularly important at present.

In the case of the
injection molding production of the digital infrared thermometer shell shared by the 3D Science Valley in this issue, the manufacturing technology of 3D printing conformal cooling molds has played a key role.

The internal structure of the digital infrared thermometer. Source: ESU