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Plastic Injection Molding
Injection moulding (U.S. spelling: injection molding) is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould, or mold.Material for the part is fed into a heated barrel, mixed (using a helical shaped screw), and injected into a mould cavity, where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity.

Plastic injection molding uses granular or pelleted plastic resins to produce products ranging from automotive and airplane components to storage containers, musical instrument parts and hair combs. One of the most employed manufacturing processes because of its ability to produce enormous amounts of the same item, plastic injection molding uses a variety of plastic compounds such as polycarbonate(PC*), polystyrene(PS), polyethylene(PE), polypropylene(PP*), polyvinyl chloride(PVC), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS*) and Teflon.


PP: Lightweight, high chemical resistance, scratch resistance;
ABS: Strong, flexible, low mold shrinkage;
PC: Tough, temperature resistance;

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Home Appliances Case
Buttons of Coffee Makers Project
No Requirement is too Demanding

The subject plastic part of the project is the button of a coffee maker. We were asked to have them sprayed without covering the laser-printed words to allow a good light transmission.

Meanwhile, the surface around the button couldn’t be covered by the spray. What’s more, our client was in urgent need of the prototype for a fair at that time.

Our engineers tried every means to overcome the difficulties. At first we tried to spray both manually and by machine but the effect didn’t turn out to be satisfying. Then we gathered all of our experienced engineers and technicians from different departments to work on that day after night. Finally, our team figured out the perfect solution—by spraying a base oil layer and a silver oil layer, we tested out the optimum thickness that is easy for both laser and light transmission.

Ultimately we sent the prototype to our client in time. With the perfect prototype, our client won orders and customers satisfaction in the fair. Since then, our client had been keeping close relationship with us.


Personal Care Product Case
Hair Dryer Project 
A Perfect Product Starts From A Perfect Design

We received a sample with a visible seam in an “S” pattern from our client. Our client emphasized that there should not be any seam or open joint between the 2 parts when they are assembled so as to prevent the dust from falling into the gap and thus presenting the customers a perfect using experience.

To present the product an ideal look, we worked with our client to modify the product design, making it suitable for manufacturing while without influencing its function and aesthetics. Based on the final design agreed by both party, we thoroughly analyzed on the shrinkage rate of the shaping materials and estimated their degree of deformation. Based on the analysis, we adjusted the sizes of the mold over and over again.

The outcome turned to be successful. What we produced at last was perfectly integrated. We did not stop for making the part seamless. The parts combined with each other perfectly had surprised our client. They spoke highly of us ever since then and had kept a close cooperation relationship with us.


Stationaries & Toy Case
Water Color Pen Project
Enough capacity to Tackle High-volume & Urgent Task

The client needed 30 million sets water color pens that allows no air or liquid leakage.

We completed the mission by making inserts and generalizing the parts needed for mold assembling. By evaluating possible issues that may occur in each of the mold cavities, we prepared backup spare parts in advance so as to tackle problems as soon as possible.

Although we were confronted with such an urgent mission, we had never neglected the quality control processes. Whereas the normal quality control process required relatively a longer time, our QC staff invented the specialized measuring equipment that greatly reduced time and enhanced efficiency. With the combined efforts of all our technicians, engineers and QC staff, we beat the deadline to deliver 30,000,000 sets of water color pens to our client in America.

Our unremitting efforts obtained appreciation from our client, who successfully catch sales peak in America and therefore had his business grown by earning considerable profit.


Medical Case
A Thermometer Project
A War Between Precision and Production

The subject plastic part is a high precision infrared thermometer with well-organized PCB and probes in the enclosures.

It was a challenge for us at that time since our client requested that enclosures should stand an oriented drop test from 1m above the ground. Moreover, the enclosure should be tough enough to resist high temperature (70℃).

If we used PPS as the raw material, the thermometer’s precision of measuring temperature will be easily affected by users’ hand temperature when holding in hand. While different kinds of plastic has different specific heat ratio, distortion temperature and thermal conductivity, we carefully studied on all available materials and selected PPU.

In the injection process, we designed high precision mold with reasonable structure. The enclosure couldn’t be designed too thick (which will increase the weight) nor too thin (which will influence precision). We made hundreds of trial runs to test out the most suitable thickness.

Finally we presented the satisfying thermometer enclosures with the help of our well designed mold and sophisticated injection techniques and machines.


Electronics Case
Pure White Door Bell Project 
It is About Technology

The subject plastic part is a white doorbell made from V0 fire retardant ABS.

But in the injection process, as every expert knows, the plastic part turned yellow at a higher temperature and malfunctioned at a lower temperature. Our client had been looking for the solution to it but the prior injection companies failed to reach the satisfactory effect.

However, our expert team made it. We studied carefully on the characteristics of plastic resins and acquired in-depth knowledge about the relationship between temperature and the resins performance. Based on that, we worked together with our suppliers to set parameters of injection machines for hundreds and thousands of times.

Finally our hard work paid off. We found out the equilibrium point to make the pure white doorbells with the exact wanted effect, without influencing the plastic appearance and performance.

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