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PCB Assembly
We provide full solutions for PCB assembly from product concept to production, and support in electronic design, mechanical design, tooling design.We have built cooperation with over 10 strategic suppliers, involving PCB, ICs, Semiconductors, Passive Components, Connectors, metals, plastic and custom-made parts. It’s possible to select production either in China or in Europe to meet the client lead time needs on different cost basis. We almost realize all manufacturing & assembly service in electronic field, from Wire bonding, SMT, DIP, through hole soldering, Function test to Finished product assembly.We don't limit the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity), including samples, small quantity, big volume.

Should you have any inquiry regarding PCB facbrication, PCB assembly, electronic component sourcingLED strip light solutionsplastic injection molding and solar panel industries, please feel free to contact PCBontime at any time, we love to hear from you.