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PCB Manufacturing

Printed circuit board, the mother of electronic products. Our services cover rigid PCBsmetal base PCBsflexible PCBs and rigid-flex PCBs. We offer a wide range of PCBs with different surface finishes which comply with RoHS Directive and PCBs with non-standard features such as: HDI, Via-In-Pad, Selective Hard Gold Plating(Gold Finger)Heavy CopperDifferential Impedance, Ultra-Thin Core, High-Tg Low Dk materials, halogen free, RogersPolyimide etc.

PCBontime Limited a Hongkong base company, we are a diversified professional supplier. We started from high density printed circuit boards(PCBs), covering the business of PCBs and PCB assembly as well as electronics manufacturing services. With the development of the company, we have entered more fields, including LED strip light solutions, plastic injection molds and solar panel industries. Our B2B website marketing platform TradeHub.cc, enables global customers to quickly find PCBontime to understand our products and services. We will supply customers with better products, quicker response, more value added expertise service. Customer satisfaction is our never-ending goal.