High Frequency RO4350B high TG IT180A ML4 PCB

Layer count: 4 layers
Finished board thickness: 1.60mm
Material: High Frequency RO4350B + FR4 TG180
Finished copper outer layer: 35um
Surface treatment: Immersion Gold
Technology: RO4350B is mixed with FR-4
Application: Communication power amplifier
Item Capability parameters
Layer count 1 ~ 64layers
Laminates type FR-4(High Tg, Halogen Free, High Frequency)
FR-5, CEM-3, PTFE, BT, Getek, Aluminium baseCopper baseKB, Nanya, Shengyi, ITEQ, ILM, Isola, Nelco, Rogers, Arlon
Board thickness 6-240mil
Max Base copper weight 210um (6oz) for inner layer 210um (6oz) for outer layer
Min mechanical drill size 0.2mm (0.008")
Aspect ratio 12 : 1
Max panel size Sigle side or double sides:500mm*1200mm,
Multilayer layers:508mm X 610mm (20" X 24")
Min line width/space 0.076mm / 0.0.076mm (0.003" / 0.003")
Via hole type Blind / Burried / Plugged(VOP,VIP…)
HDI / Microvia YES
Surface finish HASL
Lead Free HASL
Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver
Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) / ENTEK
Flash Gold(Hard Gold plating)
Selective Gold Plating, Gold thickness up to 3um(120u")
Gold Finger, Carbon Print, Peelable S/M
Solder mask color Green, Blue, White, Black, Clear, etc.
Impedance Single trace,differential , coplanar impedance controlled ±10%
Outline finish type CNC Routing; V-Scoring / Cut; Punch
Tolerances Min Hole tolerance (NPTH)
Min Hole tolerance (PTH)
Min Pattern tolerance