Bluetooth Module PCB Assembly

1, Support 0201 SMD chips, 0.4mm pitch BGA, QFN, POP, bonding
2, Inspection by SPI, AOI, X-Ray and other instruments
3, In 3~7 days to deliver PCBA samples for project acceleration
4, 100% function test of board before shipment to customer

PCBA application: Bluetooth module
PCB assmebly process flow: smt, dip, packaging, testing, three anti-paint treatment

Project requirements: pcba one stop. Including shell molding assembly

Production process: lead-free process

The PCB assembly materials used are: chip capacitor, chip resistor, patch TVS tube, chip diode, chip magnet, chip inductor, chip regulator tube, chip IC, chip Bluetooth module, plug-in electrolytic capacitor , plug-in LED, plug-in pin header, plug-in header

Solder paste requirements: lead-free solder paste. Need to print steel mesh