LED Strip Light Automatic Adhesive Machine

Min. Order: 1 Piece
Port of Loading: Shenzhen, China
Payment Terms: T/T

1, Product Features

1.1. High efficiency: Take 5 meters of flexible light strip as an example, the capacity is 5000 meters per hour.
1.2. High quality: The double-sided tape is not biased or arched, and the pass rate is 99%.
1.3. Save manpower: One automatic adhesive machine can replace the work output of 6-8 people, and the operation is simple.
1.4. Cost reduction: save labor cost, double-sided adhesive, easy to manage.
1.5. Wide range of uses: one machine with multiple uses, suitable for a variety of LED adhesive products.

2, Product function

2.1. It can realize the automatic double-sided adhesive function for various products.
2.2. The machine feeding can be switched automatically or semi-automatically.
2.3. The height of double-sided adhesive is adjustable, and it can be switched according to the height of different products.
2.4. The width of the double-sided tape is adjustable, and the width of the double-sided tape can be adjusted according to different product sizes, and can be arbitrarily switched.
2.5. Single or multiple strips can be attached with double-sided tape at the same time, with higher efficiency.

3, Equipment parameters

3.1. Voltage: 220V 50-60HZ
3.2. Power: 40W
3.3. Weight: about 70KG
3.4. Size: length 1800 width 400 height 1100MM (the length of adhesive products is not limited)

4, Applications

Rigid light strip, Flex light strip, S-shaped light strip, backlight, daylight strip, etc.

5, Advantages:

5.1. High precision of glue application, the accuracy of glue application can reach -0.15MM, which is unmatched by other manufacturers;
5.2. The mold is customized according to customer samples, without damaging the lamp beads, the positioning is accurate, the product qualification rate is 99.99%, and the mold is free of maintenance for more than 5 years;
5.3. The roller adopts soft colloid, which fully guarantees that the lamp bar will not hurt the lamp beads during the lamination process, and 3014 and 4014 can be applied;
5.4. Convenient maintenance and maintenance, mold replacement, only 5 minutes to complete;