LED Strip Light Separation Machine

Min. Order: 1 Piece
Port of Loading: Shenzhen, China
Production Capacity: 100/Month
Payment Terms: T/T

1, Product features:

1.1. Customize the mold according to the board width to ensure neatness;
1.2. The structure design is user-friendly, easy to operate and more practical;
1.3. The special material colloidal blade will not damage the board or the lamp beads;
1.4. Famous brand industrial motor, strong power and fast speed;

2. Product description:

2.1. According to the characteristics of the LED flexible light strip, the edge of the divided circuit board is smooth, and the board surface is very flat.
2.2. Due to the special material of the blade, the cutting process is very stable, avoiding bad.
2.3. The docking line makes the workshop look tall.
2.4. The original imported bearings cooperate with the precision-processed gearbox and supporting parts to ensure perfect cutting quality, reduce machine wear and prolong service life.

3. Technical parameters:

NO. ITEM Parameter
1 Device name LED strip light separation machine
2 Brand PCX
3 Control method 32-bit DSP
4 Max.board length Unlimited length
5 Feeding speed Stepless speed regulation, maximum 300mm / sec
6 PCB type Flexible PCBs
7 Equipment power 120w
8 Power supply 220V,50-60HZ
9 Weight 100KG
10 Dimensions 1100*660*1000MML*W*H