PCB assembly for record player

1, Support 0201 SMD chips, 0.4mm pitch BGA, QFN, POP, bonding
2, Inspection by SPI, AOI, X-Ray and other instruments
3, In 3~7 days to deliver PCBA samples for project acceleration
4, 100% function test of board before shipment to customer
Equipment Quantity Manufacturering Capability
SMT Lines 4  
DIP Lines 7  
Solder paste Printer machine 4 Max. Board Size: 410*360*4mm
Glue dispenser machine 4  
Chip mounter machine 4 1)For chip components such as resistors, capacitors, etc.. Speed: 36,000CPH
2)0402 chips in MC (Capable 0201/01005 chips)
IC mounter machine 4 1)For IC, BGA, etc.. Speed: 11,000CPH
2)Fine Pitch Component 0.5 mm (Capable 0.3 mm)
3)BGA 0.5mm pitch,256 Balls in MC (Capable 0.3 mm)
Reflow Soldering Machine 4  
AOI Machine 4 Desktop High speed Automated Optical Inspection machine. Inspection items: missing, shift, miss alignment, polarity, other component, bridge, dirt, dust, no solder, short solder, cold solder, lifted chip, lifted lead, un-insertion. OCR: optical character recognition/verification. After Printing Process: No solder paste, excess, blur, scratch, short, shift, bridge.
Axial Insertion Machine 2  
Radial Insertion Machine 1  
Wave Soldering Machine 7  
ICT machine 7  
Critical Quality Test   3D Test Equipment
X-RAY Test Equipment
Environment Test Equipment( Including High Temperature & Humidity
Low Temperature & HumidityTemperature & Humidity Cycle Test)
Burn In Test
Quality Standard   IPC-610D